Adding Value

This is your Journey.

In the past 5 years of operating Endurance, I never defined a mission behind the operation. The "goal" for lack-of-a-better-term was to sell some good coffee and hoped you all liked it.

(Fun fact: That was where the name for our Hope Blend came from)

Looking back over the years, not having a "goal" meant the relationship ended at the transaction, never going beyond that point.

This year, we are committing to change.

Alongside our revamping of the Company Brand, we also commit to adding value to you and the market.

What does that look like?

Put simply, you are now the main character of our story. Endurance would have never existed without you being a part of the process and we want to recognize that fact. 

Our desire is to create not just good coffee but also more content, training, and products that benefit your journey. 

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