Coffee Pod - "coming soon"

Last week I teased an Instagram post about a podcast "coming soon"

It could come sooner than I thought...

While on my trip last month, I asked a question to the group that I hadn't asked to anyone before, "How can I work in my strengths?"

When Endurance launched 6 years ago, I was an introvert. I chose to pursue coffee roasting primarily because I enjoyed developing coffee profiles but I was also intrigued by the idea of "working alone."

Showing up to a quiet roastery, firing up the roast while sipping a steaming cup of coffee, roasting, and packaging all without having to deal with people.

That sounded like the dream! 


Fast forward to the present, my personality has completely flipped! I now consider myself an extrovert with a desire to work directly with people. I will literally get "put out" if I go a full day without seeing another person. 

Exciting character growth! not so exciting that I spent the last 5 years building a company around an introverted personality. 

Thus the question came up, "How can I work in my strengths?"

The first answer I got was, "Find an outlet that aligns with your strength."

As the group began to brainstorm the answer morphed into, "Look into podcasting."

So I've been brainstorming.

And we've got something coming your way! 

I'll break down my thought process in the next blog post.

Stay dialed for upcoming announcements, more to come soon.


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