Pre-Workout Journey

I recently posted on our social media channels about the new product we are creating: The "Endurance Capsule." Here's my stitched together story of how this idea came to reality. 

Let's call the story my, "Pre-Workout Journey."

I, like so many people before me, used to religiously use pre-workout. I'd not only take it before hitting the gym but also during any activity if I needed focus or a quick boost of energy.

The simple truth is, I took pre-workout because I needed it in the moment. Many times in life I've felt rushed to get out the door, unable to set aside 10-15 minutes to prepare a cup of coffee. So the path of least resistance was to pop a packet of pre-workout and hope for the best!

But if you are anything like me, pre-workout comes with some unwanted side effects such as sensitive skin, itchiness , occasional bouts of nausea, and a bad caffeine crash a few hours later. I'm not even going to mention all of the additives and sugar crammed in. The bottom line is it worked but I sure didn't like how it made me feel. 

There had to be an alternative...

Which is around the time I started testing black coffee as a pre-workout replacement. There are loads of studies that preach black coffee as a "natural pre-workout." Black coffee is vegan, has zero additives, and contains healthy antioxidants that encourage weight loss.

Seems like the perfect replacement, right? Yes and no. Sure it cuts out the sugar and side affects of pre-workout but black coffee could never realistically produce the same boost of energy. I was out of luck.

Then it happened.

The idea came out of nowhere. I can vividly remember waking up at 2am with an idea, "what if we could make it(coffee) smaller?" Thinking about that idea for a few weeks eventually shifted the question to, "what if we put coffee in a capsule?" 


Within a week we had the first prototype created. And it worked! The next step(which we are currently working on) is creating a stronger formulation.


We are beyond excited about this product and are hard at work getting it to the standard, we believe, will add the most benefit to your life. 

The goal of the capsule is to deliver pre-workout levels of energy and focus in the healthiest and cleanest way possible, without all the additives and side affects.

And that's the story! If you want to be apart of the journey, follow us on Instagram and get plugged into our email list for the most up-to-date information on our product timeline. 

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