Endurance Supplement - Moving Forward!

We released a video this last weekend with an exciting update regarding our Endurance Supplement..


Friday morning we received the approval email for our 3rd party payment gateway.

What does that mean?

We currently host our website through Shopify and use their integrated payment system which is a fantastic system. The only downside is that supplements are not on the approved seller list. Thus, if we attempted to pre-sell or sell our supplements via our site, we would get shutdown. (not ideal)

This is where the 3rd party gateway comes in. They are a provider that integrates into our Shopify store's backend(you probably wont even notice a difference) to process our payments, allowing us to get the show on the road with our supplement launch.

Now that we have that solved, we have to restart. 

2 months is a long time to stall a marketing campaign, so expect a revamp coming your way very soon! 

Once we get the new gateway integrated, we will make a big announcement, roll out our new campaign, hopefully get some of you guys on board to try things out, and start pre-sales!

We are PUMPED and we hope you are too.

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Otherwise, till next time! Stay Dialed

-Hayden Vara

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