Timeline: Endurance Energy

Last week we announced the beginning of pre-sale for the Endurance Coffee Supplement. 

After countless hours of back-and-forth meetings with our manufacture and getting over the hurdle with our payment system we are finally here!

So here's our current timeline:

1. Pre-Sales - We are planning to run the pre-sale campaign till the end of August. A big question some may ask is, "Why should I buy during pre-sale if I'll have to wait just as long as someone who purchasing at launch?"  

The biggest reason to purchase during pre-sale instead of launch is inventory constraints. Unlike the coffee we produce in our roastery, the supplements have a potential of going out of stock due to being manufactured in a separate facility. 

The next reason is simple. Order during pre-sale and save $10 AND get a free gift included if you are one of the first 350 orders. You won't want to miss out on it!

2. First Batch Development Begins: Once we wrap up pre-sales we will send the OK to get producing on Endurance Energy! During production, we will finalize bottle design, do final testing on the supplement, and get pumped for it to arrive!

We will shoot for weekly updates for all pre-sale customers to keep you dialed in on your product and when it will arrive.

3. Shipping: At this point, it'll be about a week before you receive your product(and gift if you're one of the 350)  It'll be a BUSY time for us, and we are PUMPED. 

4. Receiving: Finally! Endurance Energy is in your hands, ready to help you slay the day. Once you try it for yourself, let us know what you think! We will want to hear your thoughts on ways to improve Endurance Energy. 


That about sums it up. We hope you join us on this journey! 

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