Reflection - What do you want to see?

What do you want to see?

Back Story:

I had a mild fever the last couple days causing me to postpone everything on my schedule. I think these were the first few days in the last 6 months that I did not leave the house or find work to keep me busy. I just slept and healed.

At first, I was irritated. "There's so much I could be doing," or "There's so much I should be doing."

With the new supplement in development; there's endless backend items to create and schedule, meetings to have, and purchases to be made. The list is constant and endless. And I couldn't do anything of that stuff even if I wanted to(and I tried). 

So I did nothing... 

..and it was amazing.


As the brain fog dwindled, I got the opportunity to think and reflect on life, and to view Endurance from a different "outside" perspective. 

A lot of new stuff has begun: The brand is shifting, changing perspective on the benefits of coffee, new coffees and a new product!

That's all exciting! But that is all things we wanted to create.

That got me thinking:

What do you want?

Whether you are member of the Coffee Club, a general customer, awaiting our supplement, or casually engaging in our content.

What do you want to see at Endurance?

Unique Coffees, Educational Content, Different Products, exc? This company isn't a company unless you are involved. 

So if you feel inclined, let us know! Drop a DM, a comment, or shoot us an email. 

I hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Dialed,



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