Three Coffee Health Tips

Your health is important. Here are some coffee health tips to consider incorporating into your life if you haven't already.


☕️ Whole Bean Holds Anti-Oxidants: Anti-Oxidants help your body cultivate and maintain bodily healthy. There’s loads of studies that suggest coffee holds a significant amount of anti-oxidants, before it oxidizes. Once coffee is ground, it will begin speeding up the oxidization process leading to “stale” coffee. The best way to get the most anti-oxidants out of your coffee is to grind it immediately before brewing.

☕️Drink Coffee After Eating: Our bodies release sugar into our blood when caffeine is introduced. This causes the pancreas to produce more insulin. Without food in our bodies, this can lead to low blood sugar and sugar cravings. Having food in our system can help regulate our blood sugar response, negating potential cravings.

☕️Coffee Naps: who doesn’t like naps?? Caffeine typically kicks in 20-30 minutes after consumption. To get an extra boost, taking a 15 minute nap after consuming coffee and see what happens! I'm sure you’ll be surprised🔥

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I love the fact you mention naps after coffee.
I do this and have told others to try it.
The results are a nice nap and wake up feeling refreshed and energized instead of groggy.
Great tip.

Luke Maiorella

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