How Coffee Can Help You Exercise

Coffee can help you exercise.

Sounds silly right? 

When I used to think of coffee, I would picture a warm coffee shop in winter or sipping my morning latte on the way to work. Truth is, coffee can do so much more than just help you get through the day. Consumed the right way, coffee can be a catalyst towards greater fitness and health.

If you haven't seen my last post, I recommend giving it a quick read. It'll give you insight to my journey with coffee and fill you in on the Coffee Supplement we are working on.

How to drink it.

How you consume coffee is important. If you want to truly harness the power of coffee you'll need to take a break from the lattes and mochas. I like my vanillas lattes as much as the next guy, but there is a time to enjoy and a time to utilize.

To optimize performance I recommend straight black coffee. Hot or iced, doesn't matter. The benefits are pretty simple: No dilution(from additives) and no sugar(this can contribute to a worse crash).

How does it help?

Now you're drinking black coffee(hopefully). And besides being crazy energized you might be wondering, "how is this helping me?" 

I'm glad you asked.

Coffee has loads of benefits. Studies show it can enhance focus, increase endurance, and minimize fatigue.

Lets break it down:

Focus and Fatigue - Our bodies have these things call adenosine receptors. Melatonin bonds to these receptors making us drowsy. When caffeine enters our system, it bonds to these adenosine receptors nullifying fatigue and keeping the mind crisp.

Endurance - Endurance is the ability to keep going even when under stress or opposition. Studies found that coffee consumption can enhance blood flow in response to exercise. Increased blood flow during exercise maintains and renews your muscles. Pairing with the blocked adenosine receptors, the body has the potential to push harder than it could at baseline.

Coffee is great for exercise. It boosts energy levels and can deliver loads of other enhancements that optimize our bodies allowing us to achieve greater exercise goals.

Try it out.

Next time you exercise, try it out. Drink some black coffee about 15-30 minutes before your workout and watch what happens. I think you'll be impressed.


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